The Young Photographers of LaVallée, 2010

I have been sorting through all of the images I have on my hard-drive and feeling so very proud of my students. When I’m there in our village we meet every afternoon for class and I download their images for critique. We laugh a lot, especially at the blurry ones or the cows with glowing red eyes. But I always start laughing first simply because their photographs touch my heart so deeply that if I don’t laugh I’ll cry. I love working with these teens—watching them with their cameras is the most amazing experience I’ve had yet.

Starting in February I’ll have an assistant who will translate for us making it a lot easier for me to teach. Teaching photography to a group of students without sharing a common language is the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced but also the most rewarding, I can’t imagine not doing it.

These images were all made in November. I hope you enjoy them.

Please leave a comment the students will appreciate it.

"The Young Photographers of LaVallée"

Ruff Carol, one of "The Young Photographers..."

"Boy holding a stick" by Ruff Carol

"Family" by Ruff Carol

"Women Walking" by Ruff Carol

"His Face" by Ruff Carol

"Man holding a Rooster" by Ruff Carol

"Girl wearing a Hat" by Ruff Carol

"The Rapper and Grandfather" by Ruff Carol

"Studying by Oil Lamp" by Ruff Carol

"Cooking Over Open Fire" by Ruff Carol

"Ironing Her School Uniform" by Ruff Carol

"Gathering Wood" by Ruff Carol

Presnel, one of "The Young Photographers..."

"Brother" by Presnel

"Three children" by Presnel

"Portrait of a Young Man" by Presnel

"Man with a Machete" by Presnel

"Little Girl" by Presnel

"Cooking Dinner" by Presnel

Marie France, one of "The Young Photographers..."

"The RAH RAH Band" by Marie France

"On the Road" by Marie France

"Mother" by Marie France

"Two People in the Field" by Marie France

"Two Women Eating Oranges" by Marie France

"Woman Selling Vegetables at Market" by Marie France

"Two Girls" by Marie France

Johnson one of "The Young Photographers..."

"Bassin Bleu" by Johnson

"The Shoe Shinner" by Johnson

"Jameson" by Johnson

"Her House" by Johnson

"Woman in Doorway" by Johnson

"Woman" by Johnson

Jeanty one of "The Young Photographers..."

"Boys Making a Pathway" by Jeanty

"A Gathering of Women" by Jeanty

"Girl in the Orange Shirt" by Jeanty

"Little Girl" by Jeanty

"Girl with Pack" by Jeanty

"Peeling Fruit" by Jeanty

Jameson one of "The Young Photographers..."

"Chateau René" by Jameson

"Two Women in the Gazebo" by Jameson

"Brother" by Jameson

"Two School Girls" by Jameson

"Going to Market" by Jameson

Frederic one of "The Young Photographers..."

"Man With a Basket" by Frederic

"The Coconut Tree Climber" by Frederic

"Going to Market" by Frederic

"Man with Bananas" by Frederic

"Grandmother" by Frederic

"The Hill Top" by Frederic

Dophy one of "The Young Photographers..."

"The Water Boy" by Dophy

"Washing Dishes" by Dophy

"Washing Clothes" by Dophy

"Cooking and Walking" by Dophy

"Sharing her Fruit" by Dophy

"The Wood Carver" by Dophy

"Flowers" by Dophy


About Jeane La Rance

My brother gave me my first camera when I was nine or ten years of age, he bought it in Europe. I don't remember much about the camera itself it was the pictures I couldn't get enough of, and that still holds true. My life is all about photography. In the beginning it was black and white film. I loved being in the darkroom nothing could compare to it and even though I swore I'd never go digital, I rarely shoot film anymore. I went to the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM for my Bachelors Degree. There I studied Documentary Photography, Cinematography and Post Production Editing. Later I attended Savannah College of Art and Design for a Masters Degree in the same fields of study, Photography and Moving Images.
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5 Responses to The Young Photographers of LaVallée, 2010

  1. Ethan Bach says:

    Jeane, so great to see one of my students teaching others. The photos are a wonderful intimate look at the current culture and lives in Haiti. You are all doing great work.

  2. Ashford says:

    These are all so great, it looks like your students are catching on very quickly even through the language barrier. Each student is capturing the life that surrounds them through their own eyes with the help of a camera, this makes them all so beautiful. What a wonderful thing you’re doing.

  3. Jack says:

    What a group of great images of our beloved Haiti. I missed so much of what was happening while I was there with you. Next time I will have to spend a day with you and your students, if you will have me.

  4. Vicki Puller says:

    Jeane – your students’ works were absolutely beautiful giving me such insight to a small portion of their daily lives. I am in awe of your teaching ability and am very glad to see your pursuing such meaningful work making a difference in the lives’ of these young photographers. I am so very proud and privileged to be able to view their photographs as they capture daily life of their people and homeland. I can’t wait to see how they progress on your next visit. Much love.

  5. nicole lerouge says:

    Do I love everyone of these picture. So much talent lovely work and thanks to you for giving them the opportunity.

    Thanks for sharing


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