The Young Photographers of LaVallée

These photographs were made by the young photographers of LaVallée during our winter mission, they are in no particular order.  Not all of the students were able to attend the winter session and I look forward to seeing them in June.

The Young Photographers of LaVallée

David my assistant and interpreter

young photographers

Carnival Girl


Getting ready for Market

High School Soccer Teams

High School Soccer Teams

Three boys



The Posers

Little girl smiling

Family Portrait

Goats ready for Market



School Girls



About Jeane La Rance

My brother gave me my first camera when I was nine or ten years of age, he bought it in Europe. I don't remember much about the camera itself it was the pictures I couldn't get enough of, and that still holds true. My life is all about photography. In the beginning it was black and white film. I loved being in the darkroom nothing could compare to it and even though I swore I'd never go digital, I rarely shoot film anymore. I went to the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM for my Bachelors Degree. There I studied Documentary Photography, Cinematography and Post Production Editing. Later I attended Savannah College of Art and Design for a Masters Degree in the same fields of study, Photography and Moving Images.
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